Did you want a warning label?

It had never occurred to me that people would look at this and assume it was an advice column. "So basically you advising bitches to get their asses beat. Bitch I wanna beat you up just for typing this whatever tf it is. 2/20/17" I was taken aback. It's not that I cared but this was the first bad … Continue reading Did you want a warning label?


The Horizon.

I thought if I swam to the horizon I could meet you there. Lust created optical illusions. I saw the potential good you could be. The person I wanted you to be. But I could never see who you really were. So I swam to you. I took heed to the lighthouse in the distance. Still I … Continue reading The Horizon.

Acceptance. An excerpt from my short book “ROOM 506”

You’d think this was about me coming to terms with every which way I’ve fucked up over the past few months. It’s not. This is about the moment in which I have an epiphany. After this epiphany, I still manage to do everything I hate. The void. This void lingers over me like a dictator. … Continue reading Acceptance. An excerpt from my short book “ROOM 506”