I thought if I swam to the horizon I could meet you there.

Lust created optical illusions. I saw the potential good you could be. The person I wanted you to be. But I could never see who you really were. So I swam to you.

I took heed to the lighthouse in the distance.

But I was blinded by this fantasy warped reality. Swallowed by the rocky waters of my imagination. You were everything I wanted you to be. Never sharing those same feelings for me. I still swam to you.

You watched me race to you as my arms grew tired.

I began drowning and you were so far out of reach. I was selling myself a dream of something so unattainable. Something I could never grasp. And I still swam to you.

Water filled ears and the sounds of my reality become inaudible.

I ignored the warning signs. Dismissed every life raft. I never looked back toward the lighthouse. I swam after you until I drowned.

I thought if I swam to the horizon you would meet me there.

I could never reach the horizon.


One thought on “The Horizon.

  1. I feel this to my core. I’m used to drowning. I save myself and stay afloat for as long as I can. But in the end I let myself drown to have some kind of feeling again.


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