This is an in depth interview of the Baltimore county native producer turned rapper “Lil Burnout.”

Let’s start with the basics.

Where did your name come from?

“It’s a video game about a lot of cars crashing and blowing up. That really invoked a lot of emotion in me.”

So, how did you get into music?

“I’ve always been around music. I used to play the piano, the drums, and the bass. I used to play all these fucking instruments, but I really wanted to be a cool guy.”

And what is a cool guy?

“Like a rockstar. I really wanted to play guitar and shit. It was this Talib Kweli song Planet Rock, I don’t know if it was a classic rock song or not but it had a lot of rock influences in it and I was like wow this is the greatest.”

Why don’t you play instruments anymore?

“I switched over to production.”

Do you even produce your own music? How’s the transition from producing to rapping been?

“I don’t produce anymore. It’s been easy. I like rapping more. I like putting songs together more, like I’ll hear the sounds and I know what emotion I’ll feel. I know what I wanna do with it, if that makes sense.”

You rap a lot about drugs and bitches. How do these two things influence your life?

“They’re my biggest weaknesses. Like my achilles heel. Most of the times I’ve been in bad situations it’s because of drugs and bitches.”

So you’ve been addicted to drugs?

“Well, it started in high school. You know. I started going crazy. I used to get prescribed adderall and that’s when it started. I realized I liked popping pills more than I liked smoking. And then i started with harder shit. Perc’s, xans, and lean. But, xans and lean were my favorite.”

So you got addicted to both?


That’s crazy bro. You really out here popping pills.

But, anyway how have the bitches been treating you?

“The bitches are cool. I want all my old bitches back. One year I had the best bitches and I ain’t even appreciate em. You know, I was fucking up. I was lost in the sauce. They’re all important to me. I got a folder in my phone of all my favorite bitches. Even if I didn’t talk to em. It’s some famous bitches in there, twitter bitches, Tumblr bitches. I look in there before I start rapping and envision them dancing to my music high off ecstasy. Only ecstasy.”

But back to the drugs. Have you ever been to rehab?

“Yea. I went to rehab for four hours. I got snowed in my apartment and went on a bender with my best friend. I was doing coke, smoking blunts and I needed to go to rehab. I called my mom, broke down and said come get me. I was so high that I called my mom. I was trying to escape my situation and I told her I needed to go to Florida to go to rehab and she took me to one in Baltimore. So, that’s how that cookie crumbled”

I asked a lot of other stuff before we got to your music because I wanted them to know more about you. Now onto to your music.

What’s it like performing? What’s the energy like?

“I love it. It’s high. The energy is crazy.”

How long does it take to write a song?

“A week, I ont really be writing.”

And why not?

“Cus I like the more natural sound. I listen to the beat and make a whole lot of voice recordings and when I go to the studio I listen to the recording and go in. It’s more free and natural.”

I see your music has transitioned from mainly drugs to a song for the bitches.

“Yea, all of my music is for women now cus I’ve really been in my bag lately. All my bitches abandoned me and I realized how important they are to my creative process and to me. being in your bag sucks.”

Is there anything else you want them to know? 

“I eat healthy. I pour up in sparkling water. I wanna buy Lamborghini. I also wanna sign to Maybach Music Group.”

If you want to hear his new song dedicated to ladies check out it out below. You can find him on twitter @_lilburnout


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