Meet TBrownMedia

Chatting with the woman behind the camera How'd you get into photography? "When I was younger we always had photo albums and cameras around the house. Specifically we had this old Polaroid camera that I wish I still had, but rip I don't know what happened to it. I was really interested in it. All … Continue reading Meet TBrownMedia


He thought he could find his muse.

Infatuated with this idea of there being something different in the world, he turned to girls. The memories of her face haunted him. So he looked for her in everyone he met. He had trouble finding her. Captivated by thoughts of love, he found himself on a never-ending journey. Looking for something he couldn't see in himself. He … Continue reading He thought he could find his muse.

Meet asanté

Talking to the songbird from Ova West *he starts peeing when the interview begins* How did you get into music? "First, I was managing a rapper named Ron Wave. I was in a group called Dingo Gang. It was me and like seven other people. Me, Ron Wave, Bobby Woody, Yung Lal the nigga everybody … Continue reading Meet asanté


El Primero

Do you see the wrath in my eyes As you pierce that hole Through my soul Through my heart that you stole How could you You were blind Blind to everything that I gave Everything that you had Everything that we made Was it ever enough? Even when the sex was rough Even when you … Continue reading El Primero