Do you see the wrath in my eyes

As you pierce that hole

Through my soul

Through my heart that you stole

How could you

You were blind

Blind to everything that I gave

Everything that you had

Everything that we made

Was it ever enough?

Even when the sex was rough

Even when you acted all tough

Did you see my love?

My sweet sweet love

Or was it too much?

See I know you

I know you the real you

The you that’s not used to that love

So you pushed it above

Out of the way

Out of your sight

You took me to new heights

Then pushed me down billions of flights

The stairs to heaven

Now the stairs to hell

Where do we go from here?

When you are the demon

The demon that brings me to tears

I had to let you go

In order to soar

Out of that dark place

Needed my own space

Some light to grow

Into a flower I bloomed

No longer tore

Tougher than Thor

Still full of love

Still full of life

Thank you for showing me the worst

But you were just the first

So I laugh

At the players who think they can play the game

But I’m a lioness who can’t be tamed



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