Talking to the songbird from Ova West

*he starts peeing when the interview begins*

How did you get into music?

“First, I was managing a rapper named Ron Wave. I was in a group called Dingo Gang. It was me and like seven other people. Me, Ron Wave, Bobby Woody, Yung Lal the nigga everybody knows as Yung Lal now. Back then he was Ace B. It was us, Brandon Woody, Eazy, and Joshua Tree. We had niggas that didn’t rap at all. It was a period in time of Baltimore history where everybody had a group. That’s like when all the groups started. I didn’t rap with them though. I started later, like I made my first song I think it dropped but I took it down really early. It was trash. I was rapping bout like guns and drugs. You know the typical hood nigga stuff. Dingo Gang still existed for hella years and then Rashid joined it. Yea, Burnout was in it before he was Burnout. When it came to artsy niggas like 7th Floor Villains, who was getting like 30k listens. Then it was us and back then 1k was a lot. To us. Nobody was hitting 1k listens. Either you were famous or you ain’t get no listens at all. It was Dingo Gang. Then I had started rapping in like 2014. Dingo gang still existed but I was also in a group called Pill Boys then I started BLKBOY.

I used to play the violin too. I played the violin and the piano.”

How and why did the era of blkboytay come to an end?

“A lot of people was stealing the BLKBOY wave. You can’t steal my name. That was what it was. But, you know BLKBOY still being kept alive today you know what I’m saying? RIP Mo. Had this shit from the artsy shit to the hood. I might get that shit back. I probably am gonna bring this shit back during this year. You know I got something with designer Menyelek coming soon. My nigga from the sandbox.”


Are there any differences in the music you make under asanté or blkboytay?

“Yea, I don’t know if you remember but when I was blkboytay all of my songs was love songs. When I changed my name to asanté I started being real about everything. Talking more about life as a whole.”

What was it like the first time your mom heard your music? How does she feel about it today?

“She think it’s cool. She fuck with it, she be listening to it. It’s in her playlists and shit. When it comes on she’ll tell whoever’s there that don’t know like ‘yea, this is his song you fuck with it?’ And they’ll always say yea cus I’m nice as a whore. Fuck is niggas talking bout. Matter fact, fuck that shit I’m like the nicest rapper in Baltimore. Like, in my lane. All them street niggas that be rapping, they not nicer than me. The rest of these niggas just be telling lies. They don’t got no guns, they don’t sell no drugs, they don’t pop no xans, they just rap about it. Me and my niggas… I don’t even gotta rap all that hard shit niggas know I’m really living that shit. We still in the trenches, you see what I’m saying? I’m in a different area code like every week, you see what I’m saying? Back and forth between states. I was doing that. I been doing that. So, yea.”

How does she feel about hola madre?

“Everybody in my family kinda feel the same way. It’s kinda very real. I keep it too one hundred… not too one hundred but I ont hold back at all about my life on that song. It’s very specific. My mother and my brother said they cried. I had a lot of niggas tell me that shit invoked a lot of emotion. Everything that I said in it is like, you feel me, is like super real. I said street names in it. That’s how specific I was. I said street names and corners. I even said my old address. From West Baltimore. I’m from the vill. 4100.”

Why are you back and forth between states? 

“I can’t really answer that question *laughs*.”

How has your move to New Mexico effected your artistry?

“I haven’t really been to New Mexico since I was baby. So, I didn’t really understand how real it was. It don’t sound like shit really be going on. I’m from Baltimore. Shit bad down there. When I touched down here, shit like broad day. It’s no cameras, let me put it like that. In Baltimore we got cameras.”

This has influenced your artistry bro?

“Yea, I gotta see things from a different point of view now. I rap about what I see. What happens to me. It kinda influenced… my sound is kinda changing a lor bit. I’m down south. I’m mixing a lot of southern and Mexican qualities to my music. I started doing that while I was in Baltimore. Mixing Mexican… different instruments, doing all that shit since I was in DC.”

Is  i made this song for girls like you about anyone specific?

“Yea, it’s about the person interviewing me. For real if you heard anything that I was saying it wasn’t really a love song, it was more like a I got curved song. If you actually listen to the words. I get curved a lot. Well, I don’t get curved a lot but I talk about getting curved a lot. And that’s something a lot of people can relate to, getting curved and nobody really wants to talk about it. Nobody wants to talk about the things that make them insecure.”

He wrote that song about me y’all *nail emoji*

Are songs about unrequited love your niche?

“Nah, they’re not. It’s just something I experience very often. Not even very often. It’s just something I experience that matters to me. Unrequited love is something I take serious. It invokes a lot of emotion.”

Is there a girl who’s influenced all of your song writing?

“One girl?”

Yea. Has there been a girl that’s influenced all of your writing, the reason you even started writing about unrequited love?

“Yea. It was my first girlfriend. She started all of it. And it was a girl Yaya, she look exotic. She look so bad. She got a boyfriend, but fuck that nigga. Girls like you was about you. Weird inside was really about was about Yaya but I told every girl it was about them. Autumn’s gospel was about Autumn. That wasn’t even about unrequited love. To be honest with you, the entire lover boy EP was not about anybody specific. Writing about love and unrequited love is very easy cus I experience it a lot. Well, not a lot… what other love songs did I have out? I wrote all my bitches my bitches forever in like ten minutes. My song about you is with you in it. It’s about you and the verse is about you (friday).”

What’s your take on this recreational drug use shit?

“I do it. I pop percs, xans, I’m bouta pop ecstasy, weed, molly, rub some coke on my gums.”

You post a lot of pictures with guns.

“Yea, we got big choppas. I’ll knock a nigga block off. I post pictures with guns so niggas never forget I got it. Niggas think I’m an R&B nigga.”

I want them to know you like they know Lil Burnout was a crackhead.

“That’s the thing about it though. Nobody really knows me. Even in real life the only people that really know me is like you. I try to keep it that way. I feel like if I let anybody know too much it makes me vulnerable. I got two kids. I don’t know what else to say.”

Is there anything else you want them know?

“Yea, I drink a lot of water. But, I also drink an equal amount of Hennessy and codeine and beer cus I’m Mexican. I eat a lot of tacos.”

“when nobody believes in you, believe in yourself -asanté”

Hear his latest single below. Find him on twitter @babyfacefats


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