Will he make it? Was it worth it? Did he win? Will he survive the Rodeo?

Graduation season is upon us. Whether you are graduating from high school or college, this is a turning point for many. I am one semester away from graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree. As December 18, 2017 approaches, I have begun to do a lot of reflecting.

I am majoring in psychology & minoring in philosophy. To this day, I am still passionate about my major & minor as I was on day one. With that being said, I’m unsure of what I will do after graduation. You’d think that the options are simple, go straight to graduate school or get a job with my degree. Yet, the way employers are set up, my options aren’t that simple.

College is an investment that you hope pays off in the end. Most college students have to get loans when FAFSA and scholarships don’t cover costs. The idea is that this loan will be payed off once the graduate gains a good paying job with their degree. In reality, this rarely happens. A lot of college graduates find themselves broke and in student loan debt. This happens because getting a job with your degree is harder than you think. Often graduates find themselves working in a field that has nothing to do with their degree just to get the bills paid. Employers now a days look and require experience rather than a degree. Some career choices don’t even require a degree to succeed. You can become a millionaire without a college degree.

So is going to college worth it? I will graduate without having to take out loans. My scholarship covered enough of my tuition and I was able to pay the rest out of pocket. This has meant that I’ve had to work full-time while going to school full-time. The downside to this is that I’ve missed out on being an active member at my school. I don’t have time to get involved and go to the diverse events my school offers. Also, the jobs that I’ve had have not given me the experience employers in my career field would accept. It is hard to find jobs that are accommodating to your school schedule so sometimes you just need the job that will pay the bills.

It is a cycle when dealing with employers. They require experience, but no one wants to give you that chance to gain the experience. Where is this experience suppose to come from when every employer is requiring experience from the jump? I can’t intern when I need a full-time job to survive. I still have a life outside of school and work that requires my time. So when I graduate, will my degree raise my worth in employer’s eyes? I have the option to go straight to graduate school. Another 4 years of school but even more intense. I find myself in this dilemma, as i’m sure many do. I don’t want to keep changing jobs and come off as unstable to employers. However, I want to be able to use my degree in order to get my education’s worth.

pay me


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