A visual of me choking every nigga I hate.

Niggas who don’t understand boundaries:

I know sometimes you just want to have a conversation with a girl that you can clearly see is minding her business. I’m not even faulting you for being friendly. What I don’t understand is why niggas cant take a hint. Can’t you see I’m not enjoying the converstaion as much as you are? I’m not even responding to most of your questions but here you are. Going on and on asking me about my day and hoping to get my number. What is so hard about reading body language? How can you not sense that someone is uncomfortable?

Get your dusty ass out of my space. It’s overwhelming.

Now, I understand that people just want sex. Nigga, I just want sex. So, when I make it obvious that I don’t want shit from you why are you still here?

I’m so up front about my intentions that you know which boundaries shouldn’t be crossed. I like saying exactly how I feel so there are no misconceptions about what can and can’t be done between us. So why is a platonic, non-sexual, relationship so hard to grasp? Bitch do you know what friendship is? And if you can’t wrap your head around it, why can’t you just get the fuck?

I appreciate genuine friendships. I don’t need niggas pretending they want to be friends because they think somewhere down the line my mind will change. Nothing is changing. This ain’t no movie shit. This isn’t a fairy tale. I DO NOT WANT YOU. And one thing I don’t appreciate is your obvious disdain towards me for not giving you what you want.

I don’t owe you shit.

But, wait. Don’t get me started on you dirty ass niggas who think you can send me dick pictures when I didn’t ask for them. There was this nigga who deadass thought it was okay for him to tell me all of his sexual fantasies about me. He was literally begging to show me his dick. No matter how many times I said that shit wasn’t going anywhere he just wasn’t understanding. You think because I’m open about my sexuality it’s an open invite for your ashy dick?

You niggas are fucking weird.

Niggas that are real live inconsistent:

Let me just tell you guys a story.

I was sexually and emotionally occupied. I was trying to keep myself busy. Busy with the right person. I was trying to stop drifting and wondering what was out there. But, there was a boy. A boy who wanted to have “consistent” sex with me. Regularly, like not on some sporadic dick appointment shit. There was an invisible exclusivity clause between us. I was the sole proprietor of this dick. This plays out for a while but something goes awry.

You’re fucking me and in the middle of sex I look at you and say “are you fucking other bitches?” Maybe it wasn’t the best time to ask but I was curious. I felt like I needed to know right then and there. You said no, I wanted to believe you. After sex you turned the question back to me. I don’t have a definite answer but I say yes anyway. But, I’m not fucking anyone else. I eventually come clean because I have no reason to lie.

Your busy life causes us to only meet up about once a week. This doesn’t feel like consistency. Two weeks go by and you pop up again. I was done with you but here you are. Treating me like convenient pussy. You ask how I’m doing but that’s not really what you came to talk about. You disappear and come back when it suits you.

You disappeared again and when you came back I said you were fired. The clause was canceled. Nigga you were canceled. But you hit me with your game. I had a déjà vu moment again. I’m in the same place I was in last year. Being spoon fed lies and happily eating them.

You took me for a dummy. I won’t even lie I was a goofy bitch. Honestly, I’m sitting here typing and wondering “how you did you fall for some bullshit like this lmao.” But I guess it was the manipulation. It was you calling me crazy for thinking you were like every other nigga. You getting so offended when I felt like what you were saying to me was all a lie. Another trap.

You pretend so hard to care. You think this’ll keep me wrapped around your finger baby but that’s not what this is.

Niggas ain’t shit and consistency outside of relationships is a lie.

-A month after this was originally written I no longer hate niggas and I’m a much more positive person. I realized I can’t expect so much from niggas that aren’t mine. It’s not that I have to lower my expectations or standards but I have to realize when something isn’t working in my favor. I can’t force anything. I saw a tweet saying “SIS, IF HE ACTING LIKE HE DONT CARE…… HE DONT CARE. STOP TRYNA DECODE HIS ACTIONS OR MAKE EXCUSES JUST CAUSE HE DONT KNOW HOW TO ACT.” – @NOTORIOUSAALI. Now everything is fine and there’s no more hate on my end.

– I’m lying y’all another month later and I can honestly say I hate this nigga again.

Niggas with baby dicks who are just too confident:

The built up hunger to inhale dick only to find out they have a micro-penis.

How do you not tell someone before they’re about to suck your dick that there isn’t much to suck? How do you let a bitch pull up on to only be let down? I feel so disrespected when niggas trick me with this shit because I really don’t understand it. Why is this a thing I have to go through? Why do y’all like playing with me?

I can promise you that I actually am dick shaming you because I’m tired of the bullshit. You little dick niggas got too much confidence. Y’all need to be humbled. You’re literally begging bitches to air your shit out.

Don’t let me catch you lacking bitch I know where you live.


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