The Sloppy Toppy Princess

“It was fall 2014. Me and my guy friend, let’s call him daddy, began our sexual relationship back up. Our schedules were conflicting, so we didn’t really have time to see each other outside of campus. There were times we would have sex at his house, but it was rare back then. So, we would fuck around campus. We would go to the library and start fucking in the study rooms. The study rooms had one table and a couple of chairs. It had a small window in the door and the door didn’t have a lock. We would meet up in-between class or after class. We’d have conversations and then I’d get on my knees to give him sloppy toppy. He referred to me as his sloppy toppy princess. He’d either bend me over the table or have me ride him. They were quickies because of how risky it was to get caught. We never got caught even though we were fucking all the time. There was this one time we were in a study room with his best friend, who was also a friend of mine. His friend was actually doing homework on his laptop. Me & daddy were horny so I sat on his lap. I pulled my dress up enough for daddy to put his dick in me. I was riding daddy while his best friend was sitting next to us. The best friend tried his hardest to ignore us and keep working on his ehomework while I kept moaning in his face.”


Bright Lights

“One day I was with my girlfriend and I was taking her to work before I had to go to practice. She’s driving and she’s feeling me and i’m feeling her so we go park at this spot we always go to too chill before work. So we talking and we already know what’s about to happen. I’m looking at her and she says ‘get to the back,’ I already know what that means so I go to the back and I’m taking my pants off getting ready.

At first she’s just staring at me, biting her lip, looking at me up and down and i’m soaking, ready for her to devour me. So she leans forward and kisses me and I’m kissing her back and it’s getting intense. Tongue sucking, lip biting, skin pulling and she slides her fingers inside of me. Once I felt her fingers go in me a whole spark entered my body. Trying to keep up and kiss her, her fingers were doing wonders to me and I couldn’t keep up any longer. At this point i’m moaning and grinding on her fingers and she’s fucking the shit out of me. I can feel my juices flowing out of me and i’m getting wetter and wetter and she starts kissing on my neck. That made me even wetter at this point i’m trying not to cum just yet but she goes faster and faster and I couldn’t hold it any longer. She keeps going and I’m about to tap out but then she goes down and starts eating me out. At this point my soul is leaving slowly but i’m trying to keep up bc mama ain’t raise no punk.

I’m about to cum once again and then she stops so i can take a breather bc im not breathing. Then she starts talking to me ‘this shit is mine and mine only it ain’t going no where and neither are you’ while she’s slowly about to start fingering me again but with both hands. She stuck her index fingers and her middle fingers together and started fucking the hell out of me. Now I’m basically screaming and the music is loud and the windows are fogging up. Next thing I know is there’s this bright light, I’m thinking it’s just a car passing but it’s just sitting there and it was the police. I’m trying to find my pants but I can’t so I throw a blanket on me and he comes to the window asking for i.d and asked us what we were doing. I’m a little nervous bc I don’t know what Ima tell my mother if I did get locked up for fucking in my car. But she said we were just chilling and talking and he says ‘don’t lie to me’ he already knew what was going on bc he said I can see her pants are off, y’all were doing the due and I’m trying not to laugh, but I’m kinda rocking back and fourth bc I was cumming again and it was dripping on the chair. He’s checking for warrants and couldn’t find any so he let us go and we left to get some food and laughed about it.”


The Virgo

“Best sex I ever had was with a pisces. We hadn’t even known each other for a month. He knew every place to hit, lick, slap, and grab. I had hickies & bruises for a week. best day of my life.

We met on twitter in the summer and I was real unsatisfied with the last person I had sex with like 2-3 weeks prior. I told him to come over. Wasted no time letting him know what I wanted and he liked that. I opened the door with a see through tank top, no pants on, and mesh underwear.

My room is dark as fuck because it’s in the basement. He turned my light off after like 20-30 mins of being here. Best head I ever got and he fucked the life out of me in every position. Tore my favorite poster off my wall”

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