Sitting down with YungLal

How’d you get into music?

“It was like eighth grade, my homeboy Brandon was rapping. He’s actually out there playing the trumpet right now… but him and his brother… his brother’s a producer. He was rapping and I was like ‘Yo I’m bouta start fucking with it.’ He was like ‘bet’ and we just started making hella music together. That’s how it really happened forreal.”

Who’s influenced your sound?

“My sound has changed a lot over the years. Honestly I’m still developing my own shit and my own lil formula forreal, but I really… like I get a lot of inspiration from the niggas I listen to at the time. Like you can really tell how my shit differs from when I used to listen to fucking hella Joey Badass and all that shit back in the g to now where I’m just listening to regular shit. I’m till tryna put my own shit into it. You see what I’m saying?”

Has there been girl who’s influenced any stages of your music?

*Laughs* “I’m glad you asked this question. Two in particular, they’re both my exes. I wrote a song about one, like way back in the g. I wrote another song about my ex and then she got a whole tape about her that’s the whole 11EP joint, but it’s old as shit. They really… really fucked my head up so I wrote about it.”

How would you describe your music?

“This is hard. Uh, I mean it’s a lot of different sounds. I try to push the envelope with certain shit. Like Stop you won’t hear another nigga make some Stop shit in Baltimore. That’s D.C. shit. I try to like jump around with my shit and play with stuff to see what everybody likes. But I try to keep a certain amount of lyrics into it. I don’t just be like uh, yuh, whoa, what, yea. Like I don’t do that shit all the time. I ad-lib that shit but I still try to rap. You see what I’m saying?”

Who’s your favorite artist to work with?

“Rashid, Lil Burnout. We made some shit. We got some shit that’s not even out cus we recorded that shit at the Biddle and it sounds fucking terrible in quality. But, that’s really my mans. I haven’t worked with a lot of people yet anyway. So, I hope to work with a lot of people.”

What was it like creating YUNGLAL? What’s your favorite song on the tape?

“Oh, man. This was fun. Fun fact, thirty minutes before I was bouta drop my tape I got a couple tweets from the producer saying I couldn’t use the beat. So, thirty minutes later I was in the studio recording another song. That’s a fun fact about that. But, uh it was… it’s just a collection of songs I really been fucking with as I been making em. It was originally gonna be called ‘Sad Lal V Soon’ but I’m saving that for the winter. Um, my favorite song off there is Birds. Like it’s the fucking shit. It fucking bangs. It’s the shit… it’s the shit. That’s my shit.”

How was the first show you ever performed at? What’s performing like for you now?

“The first show I ever performed at was at my high school in like the… it wasn’t the auditorium but we had a lecture hall in my shit. I did a a cappella. Like I just did a verse and that shit banged. I finished that shit, niggas was fucking with it, I got a fucking standing ovation. Like it was so fucking tough. But like performing for me now… I try to give the crowd energy. I want them to match the energy back for me. It’s fun for me to perform, but it’s not fun looking at niggas not fuck with you while you performing. That shit wack as fuck. When niggas fucking with you and you got the energy from everybody it’s a fun time. It’s fun shit.”

Is there a label you wanna sign to in the future or would you like to stay independent?

“Independent sounds cool, but if Jay Z were to come to me and tell me to sign to Roc I’m going. I’m going. Give me a 360. I could care less. I’m going. I’m gonna sign with him.”

How do you think you’re working towards becoming mainstream? Are radio plays a goal?

“Oh, yea definitely. I would love to become like super mainstream. I just don’t want my style to change if I do that. Radio plays are definitely a goal. I think the first song I’m actually really gonna try to get on the radio is Stop. I just gotta redo it and shit like that. Other than that I’m just working on making fucking singles cus all it take is that one song and you on.”

Is there anything else you want them to know?

“Go get my tape. It’s on Soundcloud. YUNGLAL. I got another tape coming out in the fall. Other than that, that’s about it.”

Listen to my favorite song from his tape below. You can find him on Twitter @1YUNGLAL


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