Hey, guys.

The goal of this blog is to be an interactive space between the writers and you guys as the readers. In order to fulfill that goal I would appreciate it if you’d could leave comments or even submit stories of your choice. I want you all to feel included and be able to relate to any post. This is a place where anything can be said so please take advantage of it. If you wanna submit, click here submit.

If you don’t wanna submit a story tell me what’d you’d like to read about. This blog is for you. The stories can be by you.

If you’d like to become a member of the THND team let me know by emailing thndco@gmail.com

Feel free to share the posts with your friends, and follow the twitter account @THNDCO. To stay updated make sure you follow the blog directly from the website to receive email updates for new posts ❤

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