The best pussy is pussy that has a boyfriend

Soooooo Daddy’s Good Girl has inspired me in recruiting male perspectives for common topics discussed on our blog. The first topic that came to mind was the guy version of being a side chick aka a side dick ♥

The idea basically came from a guy friend who, essentially, said that the best pussy is pussy that has a boyfriend. He had been involved in situations where he was the “side dick”, although he wouldn’t agree to being called that. I questioned him about his thoughts and feelings on knowingly fucking girls who had boyfriends. Throughout the situations, he never thought about karma or any bad energy he may receive from being the side dick. The only thing on his mind was good pussy. I can understand why he would feel so nonchalant about it. Fucking someone that you aren’t obligated to because of an established relationship is sex in its rawest form. Both participants are literally there just for the sex and not because it is expected of them. I personally believed it was the rush of doing something risky. Being the psychology major I am, I began to itch for some research on this topic. You’ll come to find out that human behavior & cognition is my favorite thing to study.

The perspective my guy friend gave is not much different than the one Daddy’s Good Girl presents in her posts. So, I want to do some more investigation. I am collecting stories from guys who have been a side dick or even been the dick that got a side chick 😉 If you are interested in sharing your story and your perspective, please shoot me an email. Names and sources will be kept anonymous. I have created a non-disclosure form to ensure information provided for blogging purposes stays anonymous! Anyways, I’m excited to hear from you and provide our readers with different perspectives on such scandalous topics.



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side dick



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