“Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with”

Livny Yanira Vasquez BFACDC77-F53E-4AC9-B89A-FBD5BFA75CCA

Como una flor

Te di mi amor

So you could grow

As a woman you stand

Holding my hand

We travel the past

Healing the wounds

Inflicted when they toyed with us

They tried to destroy us

You solved the missing puzzle pieces

Que gran ayuda tu fuistes

You remember our first fifth of Hennessy

The catalyst to Liv & Enassy

Too many drunk memories

All this unconditional love

It’s like you were sent from above

Mi ángel guardián

Protegiéndome del mal

At all times by my side

S/o to Taji

For bringing together the third world mamís

The realest pair of Latina honeys

Today is a celebration

One year in

We step into infinity with no hesitation

In this together


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Slutty Gal
Twitter: Enassy_
Snapchat: Enasssy
Email: Sluttygalinc@gmail.com

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