Get to know one of Baltimore’s rising designers.

When did you know you wanted to get into fashion?

“When I was in seventh grade I knew I wanted to get into fashion. That all started from me going around distressing people’s jeans. You know what I mean? Like ripping jeans and stuff. I would charge people a small fee for that. That stemmed into me designing, and then sewing. I kinda like taught myself how to sew when I got into high school.”


How sentimental are you about your very first design?

“As far as my very first design I’m not very sentimental about, like I don’t really care about it. I didn’t really like it. When I look back on it I don’t really like it. You know what I mean?”

What’s it like seeing people buy and support your brand?

“I’m really… I feel really excited and blessed, but mostly happy because I like to see other people happy. I like to see that they’re enjoying my stuff, you know? That really brings me joy.”

Looking back on everything you’ve done how do you feel about your progress as a designer?

“I feel really happy about my progress as a designer. Very thankful and blessed because I feel like I’ve done so much in the past two years and like everything is really coming into play this year. Well not even this year, but just these past few months. These past six months everything is coming into play. It’s something I haven’t really expected to come so quick.”

What was it like participating in NYFW?

“It was amazing participating in NYFW. This is actually gonna be my third time officially… well fourth time officially in NYFW. It’s just amazing. It’s just a really good experience and it really taught me a lot. It’s really humbling and sometimes it’s stressful, but I try not to stress out too much. But it’s very humbling.”

Do you like the energy of New York more than the energy of your own city?

“I like the energy of New York sometimes. I don’t like the attitude of most people that are in New York, but I like the people. I like the young people… the people my age. The party kids. So, I would say the energy there is obviously better than Baltimore cus I can relate better than in Baltimore.”

How have you built your brand from the ground up?

“I built my brand from the ground up basically by just doing what I feel. You know, having photo shoots, posting those photo shoots. Influencing people that way. People just liking my stuff and then more people following me. Basically just using the celebrity of other Instagram or social media stars to promote my stuff.”

“Idols turn to rivals.” Is imitation in the fashion industry at all a form of flattery? What’s your take on the recent mishap with brands you see with similar styles to your entire aesthetic?

“It’s only a form of flattery if they give you the credit and if they don’t give you the credit then it’s just them stealing. But, I mean it is a slight form of flattery because I did see a Vetements design and they obviously stole my dress design. That was pretty flattering cus that was my idol, but now that’s my rival.

I didn’t say anything about Vlone and how it looked similar to the collection that I did for VFiles, but other people… I guess fans took it to Twitter. They were discussion on twitter how they thought Vlone was stealing my stuff. Then I was attacked by A$AP Ant. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t do anything to provoke that, but people did that and he just attacked me.”

Is there anything else you want them to know about your line?

“I’m about to do my next collection on Tuesday.”

Check out what was featured in last night’s show below:

See more of him and his work on his Instagram here. Support the Menyelek brand here.

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