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I’m a 19-year-old college dropout from PG County. I was going to school for a passion that was slowly dying and my love for the arts resurfaced after meeting new people in downtown Baltimore. Other than realizing how much the arts meant to me I fell head over heels for dick. Not a person, but dick. I spent the summer finding and losing myself to both dick and existential angst. I spent the last few months of that summer writing my first and only book ROOM 506. I came back to PG as carefree and open as I could ever be. At the start of the winter I was inspired by Sex and The City. I sat up one day thinking about how amazing it would be for someone my age to do what Carrie Bradshaw did.

My experiences birthed this blog. They birthed this safe space to talk about all of the hoe shit I’ve done and all of the hoe shit I’m doing. This is a space where I can incorporate sex and my interest in art. This is the place for writers to come together, readers to relate/submit their own stories, and catch up on what artists near them are doing.

More about what I’m into:

I spend most of my time binge watching anime or some random movies on Netflix. My favorite anime is either Ouran High School Host Club, Durarara!!, or InuYasha. I love gore, I thank my ain’t shit father for putting me on. I like reading about serial killers so I’ve taken an interest in understanding how their minds work. I’m an atheist. Did I mention how much I love dick? I sit and plot a lot. Everything I do provides more material for me to write about. But, I’m only here to stir the pot a little. Nothing I do is with malicious intent. Some things just happen.

I got into music a little last year. You can hear me sing by clicking this link: lor bby .

Twitter: @aphrodisivc

Instagram: @daddyslorbby

Feel free to contact me on social media if you want ❤