When does the cycle become enough?

Everything is cyclical, but maybe that’s our faults. We take time to ask ourselves how we always end up in the same situations. How we were so blinded by the realities we've created in our minds that no matter how many signs we saw we pretended we couldn't read them. Are we hardheaded? Do we … Continue reading When does the cycle become enough?


You may be the self proclaimed “nice guy.”

*Based on observation and personal experiences with cishet men. You feel entitled to reciprocity because you display the most basic forms of respect and human decency. You "don't" objectify women and you're gentile. You were nice to this girl so she obviously owes you something, right? You have ulterior motives but can't come close to … Continue reading You may be the self proclaimed “nice guy.”

First Generation Grad

"Today's accomplishments were yesterday's impossibilities" On December 17, 1996 I was born. The first granddaughter to my maternal grandparents. The first daughter to my parents. The first niece to my maternal uncles. I was 6 months when my dad left us in El Salvador to come to the US. I don't remember even noticing his … Continue reading First Generation Grad