Meet Yung Lal

Sitting down with YungLal How'd you get into music? "It was like eighth grade, my homeboy Brandon was rapping. He's actually out there playing the trumpet right now... but him and his brother... his brother's a producer. He was rapping and I was like 'Yo I'm bouta start fucking with it.' He was like 'bet' … Continue reading Meet Yung Lal


Meet asanté

Talking to the songbird from Ova West *he starts peeing when the interview begins* How did you get into music? "First, I was managing a rapper named Ron Wave. I was in a group called Dingo Gang. It was me and like seven other people. Me, Ron Wave, Bobby Woody, Yung Lal the nigga everybody … Continue reading Meet asanté

Meet Chris Cassius

A closer look into the life of Baltimore's very own "Chris Cassius" First things first, How'd you come up with the name Chris Cassius? Isn't your name Daryll? "Ok, my middle name is Christopher and Cassius kinda had a ring to it. I already had a bunch of different rap names and I needed something concrete. Something … Continue reading Meet Chris Cassius


Meet Oscvr Wow

 Figuring out Baltimore's Oscvr Wow Your name is a play on the main character's name from Junot Diaz's The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, how do you feel you relate to Oscar? "I mean... yo just like me. He grew up in a diaspora, as a nerd around niggas who weren't really like him. I grew … Continue reading Meet Oscvr Wow


Meet Lil Burnout

This is an in depth interview of the Baltimore county native producer turned rapper "Lil Burnout." Let's start with the basics. Where did your name come from? "It's a video game about a lot of cars crashing and blowing up. That really invoked a lot of emotion in me." So, how did you get into … Continue reading Meet Lil Burnout