El Primero

Do you see the wrath in my eyes As you pierce that hole Through my soul Through my heart that you stole How could you You were blind Blind to everything that I gave Everything that you had Everything that we made Was it ever enough? Even when the sex was rough Even when you … Continue reading El Primero



Seeking arrangement, "relationships on your terms." I set my search filter and began scrolling. Mid scroll I stopped and asked myself "do I really want to make money or was I searching for validity from old men?" I didn't have the answer so I kept scrolling. There were scientists, investors, and accountants. Scrambled pictures concealing the identities … Continue reading Daddy.

Acceptance. An excerpt from my short book “ROOM 506”

You’d think this was about me coming to terms with every which way I’ve fucked up over the past few months. It’s not. This is about the moment in which I have an epiphany. After this epiphany, I still manage to do everything I hate. The void. This void lingers over me like a dictator. … Continue reading Acceptance. An excerpt from my short book “ROOM 506”