Meet Menyelek

Get to know one of Baltimore's rising designers. When did you know you wanted to get into fashion? "When I was in seventh grade I knew I wanted to get into fashion. That all started from me going around distressing people's jeans. You know what I mean? Like ripping jeans and stuff. I would charge … Continue reading Meet Menyelek


Submissions and interactions for the blog about everything.

Hey, guys. The goal of this blog is to be an interactive space between the writers and you guys as the readers. In order to fulfill that goal I would appreciate it if you'd could leave comments or even submit stories of your choice. I want you all to feel included and be able to relate to … Continue reading Submissions and interactions for the blog about everything.

But I’m not the sidechick. 

I read a post like this on the Cosmopolitan Snapchat story. It was titled "Confessions of a Sidechick." I sat there reading about having sex with men in relationships and not feeling any remorse. Our experiences had differences though. She'd imagine being with these men in ways I never wanted. I could only relate to … Continue reading But I’m not the sidechick. 

Niggas. I hate y’all.

Niggas who don't understand boundaries: I know sometimes you just want to have a conversation with a girl that you can clearly see is minding her business. I'm not even faulting you for being friendly. What I don't understand is why niggas cant take a hint. Can't you see I'm not enjoying the converstaion as much … Continue reading Niggas. I hate y’all.

He thought he could find his muse.

Infatuated with this idea of there being something different in the world, he turned to girls. The memories of her face haunted him. So he looked for her in everyone he met. He had trouble finding her. Captivated by thoughts of love, he found himself on a never-ending journey. Looking for something he couldn't see in himself. He … Continue reading He thought he could find his muse.